Berny production capacity

• Production space area of 2000 m2

• Warehouse space with controlled temperature of 3000 m2

• Packer standard pillow bags: standard types of packaging bags, weight 30-1000 g capacity of 9600 bags/h

• Packer premium Doypack: types of packaging premium zip-lock bags, weight 50 – 1000 g capacity of 4200 bags/h

• Packer for bulk packaging: standard type of pvc packagaing, weight 1-10 kg capacity 600 bags/h

All packaging plants are modernized, equipped with the latest equipment and enabling work under controlled conditions and the formation of various types of bags, different shapes and different sizes.

• Roaster capacity of 1400 kg / h has plant for salting which allows automatic salting of products that guarantees consistent quality.